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Flexography (aniline printing)  is defined by the Encyclopaedia Britannica as rotary printing in which ink is applied to various surfaces by means of flexible rubber (or other elastomeric) printing plates. 

In flexography, the desired imagery or lettering is engraved in the form of tiny indentations, or cells, onto a flexible rubber plate. Liquid ink is flooded onto a rotating ink-metering roller while a blade inclined at a reverse angle (Doctor Blade) to the direction of rotation shaves any surplus ink from the ink-metering roller. The remaining ink is rolled onto the rubber printing plate, which is fixed to a rotary letterpress cylinder and the plate’s tiny indentations receive and hold the ink. The inked plate then transfers the image to the recipient material that is held on an impression cylinder.

The inks used in flexography dry quickly by evaporation and are safe for use on packaging that is in direct contact with food. The inks used can also be overlaid to achieve brilliant colours and special effects.

Flexography has been widely used as a quick and economical way of applying simple designs and areas of colour to a wide variety of packaging materials, such as paper and plastic containers (including waxed-paper ones), corrugated-cardboard boxes, tape, envelopes and metal foil.


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